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Up Coming Information on the shooting of the Pilot Episode of a Reality TV Show...
  Dean Schardan's 
                            "Long Road Home"

Cast and CrewThis is the page you can find info about the show and whats coming up next.  

So we shot the Pilot on April 17-18, 2012, and lets just say...We Made Magic!!! Very fun stuff and we got to help out some cool people. 
Dale, Me, Trish Gazall, JC Corcoran, and Bill
Now what happens next is we go into whats known as Post-production...This is where we figure out what film to use in the show and what looks the best for the networks to look at...
I wanted to share some of the stuff just a few shots so you can see what we have been up to... Here they are...

Me Bill and Dale...

Me, Bill, Art, and Dale...

Me at the Llama Farm...These are just a few shots from the pilot shoot...I can't give away too much was silly!  Could not of asked for better people to work with and I am in their debt...If you get a chance sign the guest book and I can keep you up too date on the on going story of the "Long Road Home"...Thanks for the support.

Here is a nice article about the show that ran in the St. Louis Post Dispatch...enjoy!!!

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